Through practical techniques in:-
Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition
The holistic online well-being course for 2020 
  Grow your self-worth, Discover your purpose    
Share your Joy 
Graduate of Organic Alchemy Yoga School (200H RYS), Leda teaches all over Paris bespoke workshops linking art and yoga ''YOGA ARTISTIC & LANGUAGE COLORS'', "ESSENCIAL RITUALS", " YOGA & ALOE VERA." As part of the collective "Les Amazones Parisiennes", she is the "Amazone" most passionate about graphic design, illustration and art.

She grounds herself in the present moment, exploring and enjoying life through new self discovering every day. She's an open heart, and follows her dreams all over the world, trusting in the universe to guide her on a harmonious path

Former WTA and NCAA DI Athlete, 6.0 USTA member, Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master, Nati has lived and worked at several impact centres across the world, teaching health, wellness & personal development workshops and working on communitary projects to empower underprivileged villages and schools in Argentina, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda, the US, Vietnam and Thailand. She has worked in sustainable living ecovillages and women empowering projects all over East Africa.

Nati loves: Vegan bowls, big coffee mugs, eco-friendly life hacks and cozy little spaces
Kate is a Robbins Madanes certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach. She is Founder and CEO of The Oasis Way CIC, a groundbreaking movement to elevate and empower one million minds to connect to their hearts and find their life’s true purpose. She is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Podcast Host and Guided Meditation Expert

Kate loves: Reading, running and cycling through the countryside, log fires, german shepherd's, yorkshire tea and terry's chocolate oranges
Our tribe...
Your walk into wellness...
Just £20.00 per week for 6 weeks
Because every second of your life is an opportunity for joy...take your first footsteps back into the heart of the happiness inside you 
Why you...?
Why now...?
Because this life of yours is the most precious gift you will ever receive, and it's time to start living it in a way that makes you feel like a superhero
Why us...?
Because we built this course on a foundation of wanting to help others to grow...our purpose is to help you find your purpose; through this, we contribute to the happiness consciousness of the entire planet
A practical, holistic, online well-being course that fills you with a deep understanding of self...It builds self-confidence, floods you with joy & helps determine your life's purpose through easy to implement techniques
What it is...
Every week you receive:

1 x Life coaching masterclass 
1 x 15 minute yoga video 
1 x 3 minute power posture video 
1 x 10 minute guided meditation 
1 x 10 minute nutritional video (watch once)
1 x live Q & A session

You can read the course brochure here
How it works...
From my first session with Kate as my Life Coach, her guidance and resourcefulness has presented my life with inspiring experiences
Kate's coaching will help you see yourself with a new level of perception. She is a talented, uplifting and loving person. She has the ability to meet you where you are, and communicate effectively to lead you forward on your journey
What people say...
It's time to start believing x
You are a miracle...